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Comment Ficathon at My Journal [24 Sep 2011|03:41pm]

Hey you guys! I'm hosting a comment ficathon here at my journal, and ILL is an accepted fandom...come join the fun!
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I'm new to the community! [15 Aug 2011|01:31pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Just call me Holly. I was grew up in the '90s with a mother from the late '50s, so we would watch I Love Lucy reruns all the time. I still watch them when I'm up at 5am. In a nutshell: I'm a 17 year old insomniac who has Ethel's appetite, Lucy's brains, Ricky's temper, and Fred's laziness. Combine all that with a severe case of nerves and add in tattoos, piercings, and rebelliousness and you've got me! I'm working on a Lucy/Ethel femmeslash fic right now and I'll post it here when I get it done. :)

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Fanfiction: "Little Ricky's Lullaby" [14 Jul 2011|08:55am]
Little Ricky's Lullaby

Summary: Ricky sings a lullaby to the baby.
Genre: (Gen), drabble, family, fluff
Character(s): Lucy, Little Ricky, Ricky
Warnings: none

Little Ricky's LullabyCollapse )
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Icons: [01 Jul 2011|01:31am]

He's put his foot down so many times I feel like I'm married to a Cuban centipede.Collapse )
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13 icons from episode 2x01 "Job Switching" [18 Jan 2011|11:10pm]


More icons HERE @ crookedrhyme
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[14 Jul 2010|06:57pm]

Music:Demi Lovato
Act:Twilight cast
Act:Selena Gomez
Music:Miley Cyrus
Tv show:I Love Lucy

more here at [info]liberty_walk . {in public for 5 days}
I love lucy

icons. [19 Jun 2010|12:00pm]

Hey, guys.
I'm new here so I thought that I'd say hello with a batch of fresh icons.
This is my first time doing Lucy ones, so feedback would be awesome! Old girl made it hard to do anything to her already stunning photos, but I gave it a shot.

All I ask is that you comment with what you like/are taking. No credit needed. =o]

Here.Collapse )
Feel free to make requests with your fave Lucy pic, also!
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I LOVE LUCY [07 Dec 2009|03:56pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi i just join this community and I want to share with you my new Lucy video I hope you like it!!! =)

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I Love Lucy doll set [30 Nov 2009|01:53pm]
Not sure if this is allowed or not, but one of my family members has an I Love Lucy doll set dressed up as Santa Claus with a decorated tree on eBay. A portion of the proceeds goes to St. Judes Hospital. Check it out if you or you know somebody who might be interested. =D
I love lucy

Icons [03 Oct 2009|11:17am]

[5] Lucille Ball icons

more here @ kinda_jinxed
I love lucy

hi! [29 Sep 2009|09:26pm]

hi everyone. my name is ashley and i am a huge lucille ball fan. i have been to jamestown, i love it. i want to go to another lucy/desi days. they are a blast! i am obsessed with i love lucy, and i love some of her films. such as, yours mine and ours, stage door, the long long trailer, forever darling, etc. i just wanted to introduce myself. i love this community! oh my favorite i love lucy episodes are the freezer, breaking the lease, and all of the hollywood episodes.
I love lucy

[08 Sep 2009|10:17pm]

What's your all-time favorite episode of I love lucy?
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Lucy Icons [22 May 2009|12:41pm]

{28} Barbra Streisand
{24} Funny Girl
{13} Lucille Ball/I Love Lucy

@ my LJ
I love lucy

"I Love Lucy" on sale at Amazon! [19 Mar 2009|01:16pm]

The complete series for $84.99!

Check it out NOW! :)

ETA: EXPIRED!! Hope you guys snapped it up already!
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Classic line [21 Jan 2009|03:15pm]
Mira que tiene cosa!
I love lucy

icons [14 Nov 2008|09:55pm]

judy garland
katharine hepburn
lucille ball
du barry was a lady

girl crazy
singing in the rain
wizard of oz
i love lucy

I love lucy

[17 Jun 2008|10:06pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I Love Lucy:
Don Juan and the Starlets

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by 
over here, at my icon journal

I love lucy

icons (only 3) [05 Apr 2008|02:48pm]

(Lucy does a commercial)

(Job switching)
I love lucy

[24 Feb 2008|11:37pm]


This Cow Soup Tureen is from Lucille Ball's China Cabinet and is featured on Ebay tomorrow. 2/25/08
I love lucy

[24 Feb 2008|11:24pm]


My My My, I could watch it over and over again!
I love lucy

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