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Fanfiction: "Little Ricky's Lullaby"

Little Ricky's Lullaby

Summary: Ricky sings a lullaby to the baby.
Genre: (Gen), drabble, family, fluff
Character(s): Lucy, Little Ricky, Ricky
Warnings: none

Little Ricky's Lullaby

"Music is love in search of a word." - Sidney Lanier

He comes in late from band rehearsal, quietly shutting the door and tiptoeing past the living room.

Lucy is already asleep, so he creeps past her and into Little Ricky's nursery, bending over the cradle.

The baby is curled up, one tiny fist nestled against his cheek, face turned to the satin pillow. He pulls the blanket up to cover the child and the eyes open, shining brightly up at him.

Ricky bends and lifts the boy into his arms, holding him close and whispering in Spanish. The boy stares up at him with the wide gaze of an infant, mouth parting in a coo. Ricky starts to hum, then sing, melody darting across the darkness to the next room.

Lucy hears the sound and sits up, staring into the dim light until she makes him out, walking the length of the room, steps in an odd sort of rocking dance, in rhythm with the song.

The baby gurgles once, then drifts off against his heartbeat. After a while he carries the child back to the cradle, kisses the soft hair, and tucks him in.

She smiles faintly and lays back down, rolling on her side as she waits for him to come to bed.

But as she drifts off she can't help thinking that "La Cucaracha" was a strange sort of lullaby.

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